It was a cool fall day, but we made the best of it by heading to Bannerman Park in St.John’s to take some pictures of the beautiful Sara, with her gorgeous pregnant belly, and her husband, Bernie :) We had talked about doing this for quite some time… lovely fall pictures, etc… and then push came to shove and we realized that we’d BETTER get them done, or Sara wouldn’t be pregnant anymore :) Turns out it was a good thing we did them when we did… as Sara had the baby about a week or so later !!
I had a blast taking these maternity pictures with you guys, Sara & Bernie! Hopefully you can treasure them for years to come !!

Click the link below to view all of these images!

Sara & Bernie Maternity Slideshow

{Wedding 2010 Info}…

October 5, 2009

I know… I know… here we are gearing up for fall, Halloween, winter and Christmas, and here I am talking Wedding for 2010! BUT, any of you brides (and grooms, wouldn’t forget about you fellas!)  out there know that a lot of planning goes into this special day! So why not scratch one thing off your list!

I also have a promotion right now for my beautiful 2010 brides! It’s a {COUPON} to be used towards wedding photography if you book with me before December 31, 2009! I’m EVEN offering a deferral on the 30% deposit until January 31, 2010, as I know Christmas bills take some time to pay off! haha…

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{Photo Christmas Cards}…

September 27, 2009

Believe it or not… it’s that time of year again. The time of year when we are less than 3 months away from Christmas, and time to start shopping, shipping and planning! It’s also a time to start thinking about sending Christmas cards to the people we love – both those we can’t be with at Christmas time, and those who we just want to share a bit of Christmas cheer with. Nothing beats a Photo Christmas Card. Not only are you able to send that Christmas cheer, but a few nice pictures of your family to share with them, too – which helps to bridge the gap and make us all feel closer together at this special time of year.

The {Photo Christmas Card} Session will help you accomplish all that while not breaking your Christmas budget!

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{Landscapes & Nature}

September 22, 2009


Nicole PHOTOGRAPHY is pleased to announce the release of several {Landscape & Nature} Prints for sale! A limited number of each of these fabulous portraits will be available for purchase. Each one comes complete with a “Certificate of Authenticity”, to certify that you are the proud owner of one of these limited prints!

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{Fall Portraits}

September 22, 2009

For me, fall means so many things. It means change; change in routines, change in colours, change of seasons. It also means back to school, cool  evenings, warm sweaters, hot chocolate, hardy vegetable soups, and the return of hockey season! (YIPPEE – GO FLAMES!)

From a photography standpoint, it also means the availability of some of my favourite outdoor backdrops nature has to offer!! The leaves are just starting to show us the brilliant array of fall colours, and if you are interested in taking advantage of this, I am gearing up for fall portrait sessions!

Whether it’s time for a new family portrait, or perhaps you’d like some unique maternity portraits… or maybe you’re just tired of the stiff, uncomfortable “school” pictures, that don’t ever quite capture the personality your beautiful child brings to this world — either way, fall is a great time to capture some memories and have some fun at the same time!

If you’re interested in setting up a portrait session, CLICK HERE for more info !!

August 2008 was a big one for Nicole PHOTOGRAPHY. Three weddings in the span of a month and this one was the second. Unlike the first one, I was the *sole* photographer for this wedding, and therefore I had free creative control. It was an absolute blast, and I had so much fun taking pictures of this bride and groom, and all of their wonderful family and friends and ADORABLE children!! They were TOO MUCH FUN! And the result of relaxed, laid back people is — amazingly beautiful pictures!! See for yourself :)

Click the image below to view a slideshow of photos from this wedding!

On August 3,2008, I was blessed to join Suzanne & Chadwin as they were married in San Diego, California !! It was an absolutely PERFECT day! Gorgeous hot temperature, beautiful location. It was a perfect ceremony, and I hope the images captured will remind them of the magic of their day for a lifetime.


These pictures are “OLD” now, but I love so many of them that I have to share. Besides… I can’t very well post a wedding post, without first sharing their engagement session! We headed out to Fish Creek Park in Calgary, AB, and had a wonderful time. They were so much fun to take pictures of, and despite Chadwin’s fears of being in front of a camera, I think we were able to get him to relax and succeeded at capturing some wonderful images that they can hopefully cherish for YEARS to come :) At this point in time, I could not WAIT for their wedding !!! ;)